May 142020

With Alice Cooper at the Grand Ole Opry, August 4, 2019

I’ve been very lucky to get to meet and to know, to some degree, Alice Cooper.

After the opening of his Theatre of Death Tour in 2009, his managers, Shep Gordon and Toby Mamis, invited me to write a blog post about the night for Alice’s website. I did, and then I wrote similar posts for three other great experiences I had.

The First Time I Met Alice Cooper – September 30, 2000

Wonders in AliceLand – July 30, 2009

The Opening of the No More Mr. Nice Guy Tour – May 12, 2011 (the time our intrepid hero had his own personal concert)

The Original Alice Cooper Group – May 14, 2017 (and Lynda Carter, too!)

I’ve seen a total of 30 Alice Cooper concerts, plus two dress rehearsals and the original group performance described in the 2017 post above.

Concerts I’ve attended

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May 132020

Two in one day! My fourth VAX Professional article was about the callable TPU interface. TPU stands for Text Processing Utility, and it was a language introduced in VAX/VMS V4.2 for writing editors. The EVE editor was written in TPU, and it was easy to extend or modify EVE by writing new TPU routines or modifying the existing routines. My FLIST program was also written in TPU (and C).

In addition to describing the callable interface, I provided a MACRO module that provided a simplified callable TPU interface. The article describes why I did that.

VAX Professional: The Callable TPU Interface

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May 132020

After way too long, I’ve finally posted another of my vintage articles originally published in VAX Professional.

The Extended LOGIN Program details a MACRO program I wrote to perform the functions of my LOGIN.COM. Back when I was working on a VAX 11/785 and a VAX 11/730, some serious performance gains could be achieved by replacing LOGIN.COM with a program, depending on what your LOGIN.COM did. Mine defined dozens of logicals and symbols, set terminal characteristics, and lots more. As noted in the article, the head of Professional Press told me that his login time dropped from 15 seconds to 5 seconds when he replaced his LOGIN.COM with LOGIN.MAR.

You won’t see those kinds of dramatic increases on modern OpenVMS systems, but it’s still a lot faster and more efficient to use a program.


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