May 132020

After way too long, I’ve finally posted another of my vintage articles originally published in VAX Professional.

The Extended LOGIN Program details a MACRO program I wrote to perform the functions of my LOGIN.COM. Back when I was working on a VAX 11/785 and a VAX 11/730, some serious performance gains could be achieved by replacing LOGIN.COM with a program, depending on what your LOGIN.COM did. Mine defined dozens of logicals and symbols, set terminal characteristics, and lots more. As noted in the article, the head of Professional Press told me that his login time dropped from 15 seconds to 5 seconds when he replaced his LOGIN.COM with LOGIN.MAR.

You won’t see those kinds of dramatic increases on modern OpenVMS systems, but it’s still a lot faster and more efficient to use a program.


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Nov 082019

Rick Baker has had an amazing career, and I’ve been a fan of his for ages. He has a new, two-volume book out now, Metamorphosis, and he’s been doing interviews to promote it. Great stuff here!

The video below is a 20-minute excerpt from Joe Rogan’s interview with Rick that’s all about An American Werewolf in London.

Some of the other, long interviews recently are:

Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast

WTF with Marc Maron

The full Joe Rogan interview

Kevin Smith

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Oct 292018

KISS announced the dates of the first leg of their End of the Road Tour today. They’re playing both Louisville and Nashville. Twenty-five years ago, I’d have already secured tickets for both shows. Today, I couldn’t care less.

From 1976 through 1995, I was a die-hard KISS fan. I was a KISS nut through middle school and high school. One needs only to read my classmates’ scrawlings in my yearbooks to see how big a KISS freak I was. I was lucky to get to see KISS twice in 1977, and once in 1979. I stuck with KISS through the post-Dynasty era, when they’d become a joke, through the non-makeup years, up until the point that they ditched it all to reunite for a huge payday in 1996. They lost me then. I couldn’t care less about the reunion tour, or the Psycho Circus tour, or the Farewell Tour. They kicked out the two best musicians the band had ever had to reunite with two people who could no longer play.

After Ace and Peter had been replaced by Tommy and Eric—both wearing Ace’s and Peter’s makeup and costumes, respectively—I did break down and go see them in 2004 so that my then-15-year-old daughter could see them. It was actually a fun show. I decided to make the trek again in 2009, and again in 2012, when they were touring with Motley Crue. Each show had diminishing returns for me. By 2012, Paul’s voice was shot, the show was stale, and worst of all, they were boring.

I decided then that I was finished, and how I feel about today’s announcement confirms it. I wish I still wanted to go. I still go see Alice Cooper every chance I get. But Alice’s shows are still great.

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Sep 242018

Due to popular demand—no, really!—I plan to post all of my VAX ProfessionalDigital Systems Journal articles over the coming weeks. I’ve already posted the “MACRO Made Easy” series and the “Writing OpenVMS Privileged Code” series.

I’ve just posted “A DEBUG Register Display Fix,” which was my first VAX Professional article.

2018-09-25: I’ve also posted DCL Command RECALL Extensions and DCL Key Defintion Routines

VAX Professional articles

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