Jun 292018

Sometimes, it pays to clean out drawers. I totally forgot I owned these. I’m not even sure where they came from. I think they were an Ebay purchase about 20 years ago that I had forgotten about.

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Jun 072018

From 1986 through 1994, I wrote thirty-six articles for VAX Professional (later Digital Systems Journal), a technical journal for OpenVMS programmers and managers. My first article was published while I was still a student at Western Kentucky University. It was quite a thrill!

During that eight-year period, I wrote a dozen articles about programming in MACRO-32, the VAX assembly language. At one time, that was my preferred programming language. I still do a little MACRO-32 work, but it hasn’t been my “go to” language for many years.

The last seven articles I wrote were co-authored with Ed Heinrich. We had pitched a book idea about OpenVMS Systems Programming to DEC Press, but for various reasons, the book never happened. The project started as a day-long seminar we presented at DECUS Symposia a couple of times. Once the book fell through, we decided to turn our seminar into a series of Digital Systems Journal articles.

I’ve posted the articles here. Though they were written when the Alpha was new, the ideas presented in them are largely still useful techniques for systems programming under OpenVMS.

Writing OpenVMS Privileged Code


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May 262018

Archive.org has scans of almost every issue of Twilight ZoneFangoriaFamous Monsters, and Starlog, among others. The collections are not legal, yet they’ve been on Archive.org for quite a while now without ever getting removed.

Fangoria at Archive.org (347 files)

Famous Monsters of Filmland at Archive.org (221 files)

Twilight Zone magazine at Archive.org (64 files)

Starlog magazine at Archive.org (428 files)

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May 162018

The best SF show you probably didn’t watch is coming to Amazon Prime on June 1. All five seasons of BABYLON 5 will be available for free streaming for Amazon Prime members!

BABYLON 5 was conceived as a “novel for television,” with its story being told over five years. It changed some over those years, but it was the show that introduced the season- and series-long story arcs that are so common now. (BUFFY did it, too, but B5 was first.)

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