May 262018 has scans of almost every issue of Twilight ZoneFangoriaFamous Monsters, and Starlog, among others. The collections are not legal, yet they’ve been on for quite a while now without ever getting removed.

Fangoria at (347 files)

Famous Monsters of Filmland at (221 files)

Twilight Zone magazine at (64 files)

Starlog magazine at (428 files)

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May 162018

The best SF show you probably didn’t watch is coming to Amazon Prime on June 1. All five seasons of BABYLON 5 will be available for free streaming for Amazon Prime members!

BABYLON 5 was conceived as a “novel for television,” with its story being told over five years. It changed some over those years, but it was the show that introduced the season- and series-long story arcs that are so common now. (BUFFY did it, too, but B5 was first.)

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May 122018

As I huge fan of the original Lost in Space—as a kid and still as an adult—I found this video fascinating. It’s a computer-generated look at one of the soundstages at the 20th Century Fox Studio based on blueprints. The video shows stills from various episodes showing how the set was reused in various episodes. Take a look!

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Apr 232018

My friend and musical hero Webb Wilder has a new CD, Powerful Stuff!, coming out on Friday, April 27, 2018! It’s a collection of previously-unreleased live and studio recordings from 1985–1993. I’m very excited that several tracks on the album were sourced from my collection of Webb Wilder recordings! For the past six months or so, Webb and I have been discussing what tracks should be included, and it’s fantastic to see that it’s real now. I received my copy of the CD from Webb on Friday. Pick up on it! Signed copies can be ordered from

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Mar 202018

While I appreciate Prince’s guitar skills, I’ve never considered myself a fan of his music. There are a handful of songs I know and like, and one of those is “Kiss.” However, my favorite version of that song is a cover version by The Art of Noise that features Tom Jones doing the vocals. Kudos to Prince for writing it, but I much prefer this version. I never get tired of it, and I enjoy watching Tom in the video. He looks like he’s having a blast.

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