Joe R. Lansdale reads "By Bizarre Hands"

Picture of Joe reading Picture of Joe reading

Joe R. Lansdale read his short story "By Bizarre Hands" on October 30, 1989, at the 1989 World Fantasy Convention in Seattle. I was able to attend the reading and record Joe's reading. The pictures above were taken during the reading.

The story is not for the easily offended. Download at your own discretion.

The recording isn't perfect, as the recorder wasn't very close to Joe. I did what I could to clean up the audio. The reading is 23 minutes long. The RealAudio and MP3 files are both approximately 11MB in size, which will take a while to download, especially over a modem connection. But it's worth the wait.

You can hear Joe reading "By Bizarre Hands" by clicking on one of the following choices:

To download the last two and save them on your hard drive, you may need to right-click on the highlighted text and select "Save Link As File...." or some-such selection.

To listen to the RealAudio version, you'll need RealPlayer G2, which you can freely download from

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