Shayne Moore Comments on Exodus

Date:  Wed Feb 26, 2003  1:19 am

It was Greg Luken and myself who formed Exodus. We enlisted Rick
Chilton as bassest because I had known Rick since I was three and he
and I played in another band for two years before I met Greg. Mostly
original material. I found Jim one night at an EHS basketball game.
Greg and I were in the bleachers about half way up and I heard this
big rumbling sound from behind me. I looked back to see Jim behind
what I thought was a massive chrome drum set. I was knocked out by his
playing. I grabbed Greg and asked if he knew that guy. He said yes and
I said, That is him. That's our drummer. I truly loved Jim from the
moment I met him. I was playing a Beatles record in Greg's basement
and Jim walked in from upstairs and said, "Cool! The Beatles!" I knew
at that moment he was a kindred soul. I remember him laughing at me a
lot because I couldn't keep time to save my life.

The two years I was with the band were two of the most wonderful years
of my life in High School. I still regret leaving the band. I did so
not because I tired of the band but of the pressure I was receiving
from my parents, they thought it was "The Devil's work," and from the
pressure my new girlfriend was putting on me. I really didn't want to
quit but I was working 50 + hours a week for my dad and going to
school full time. There wasn't much room in my emotional self to
handle it all. I tried to regroup a few years later but they had
decided not to have a lead singer anymore.

Hunter and Jim will always be brothers to me. As well will Greg. We
might not all see eye to eye on every subject but we really had a
musical connection.

To this day I feel Jim is one of the very best drummers I ever had the
pleasure to work with.

I recently played with Greg Luken in Nashville with a group of
musicians he has worked with over the years. Todd Scholar was on
piano/Synth and the other musicians were simply fantastic. We had a
good time. I still forgot some of the words to the songs. Jim and
Hunter should get a kick out of that one.

The reason we chose Exodus was that it meant a coming out of. The
leaving behind of the old for the new. You may remember there were
times when we all wore somewhat strange cloths to school. It was a
band thing.

There are three times that really stand out in my mind concerning
Exodus. When we played the talent show in our Sophomore year, the
night we played the Boys Ranch and the last talent show I did with
Exodus. We played a song Greg and I had written called, You Gotta Be
Prep. Hunter ran in front of the drums and ripped up the Izod sign we
had in front of Jim's drums. I thought that was so cool! Hunter was a
much better bass player than I could have ever hopped to be. I thought
he did a great job when he took over my place in the band. I also
thought they did a great job with Hottest I've Ever Been In that show
our Senior year. I was envious.

That is the skinny of that band up to that point. I loved watching The
Risk on several occasions. I really planned to make it back then. I
guess life has it's own plans sometimes.


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