Oct 292018

KISS announced the dates of the first leg of their End of the Road Tour today. They’re playing both Louisville and Nashville. Twenty-five years ago, I’d have already secured tickets for both shows. Today, I couldn’t care less.

From 1976 through 1995, I was a die-hard KISS fan. I was a KISS nut through middle school and high school. One needs only to read my classmates’ scrawlings in my yearbooks to see how big a KISS freak I was. I was lucky to get to see KISS twice in 1977, and once in 1979. I stuck with KISS through the post-Dynasty era, when they’d become a joke, through the non-makeup years, up until the point that they ditched it all to reunite for a huge payday in 1996. They lost me then. I couldn’t care less about the reunion tour, or the Psycho Circus tour, or the Farewell Tour. They kicked out the two best musicians the band had ever had to reunite with two people who could no longer play.

After Ace and Peter had been replaced by Tommy and Eric—both wearing Ace’s and Peter’s makeup and costumes, respectively—I did break down and go see them in 2004 so that my then-15-year-old daughter could see them. It was actually a fun show. I decided to make the trek again in 2009, and again in 2012, when they were touring with Motley Crue. Each show had diminishing returns for me. By 2012, Paul’s voice was shot, the show was stale, and worst of all, they were boring.

I decided then that I was finished, and how I feel about today’s announcement confirms it. I wish I still wanted to go. I still go see Alice Cooper every chance I get. But Alice’s shows are still great.

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  1. Hi Hunter,
    I never saw Kiss. Just never got into them at all. But, Alice Cooper is a different story. I see him every time he comes to St. Louis. I took my fiancee, now wife, back in ’73. My son and I have gone several times and the last time we took his son also. Great shows every time. (I luckily missed his drunk period, even though that included Welcome to My Nightmare, my favorite album of his.
    Sorry to bore you with this stuff, but I’ve always wanted to thank you for all the VMS software and help that you unknowingly gave me. My VMS years at work (~’84 – ’06) were the most fun I ever had at work. I’m 7 years retired now, but still have three DEC 3000’s, as well as a VAXserver 3100 and a MicroVAX 3100-90, which I rescued from the trash at work ten years or so ago. I’m sure that most of them will outlast me.
    Thanks again,
    Mark Sicking

    • Hi, Mark!

      Thanks for your comments! You have me beat on Alice shows, as my first one wasn’t until 1979. But I’m been fortunate to attend a whole bunch of shows over the past 15 years or so. Very cool that you’ve been able to take your grandson, too!

      I miss computers that were made to last! Today’s disposable systems are really pathetic when you compare them to the classic DEC systems. I’m glad you rescued those!

      Thanks for the kind words about my VMS work. I’m lucky that I still get to work with VMS daily. I’m glad you found my software useful!


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