Feb 232018

Like most people, I think, I tend to like versions of songs that I originally heard. Some songs I love are cover versions that I often didn’t even know were cover versions until years later (for example, Alice Cooper’s “Hello Hooray” was originally recorded by Judy Collins, but I had no idea until years after I’d heard Alice’s version). There are a lot of cover versions that I much prefer to the originals. It’s rare, but there are times when a cover version pretty much completely supplants the original in the public’s consciousness. For example, The Kinks’s “You Really Got Me” is a great song, but IMO, Van Halen’s version is infinitely superior. It’s an example of taking a song that sounds very ’60s and turning it into something more modern. In my mind, every cover that Webb Wilder has done has been better, or just as good, as the originals.

I tend to draw the line, though, at cover versions of songs recorded in my lifetime. It’s a very rare cover version of a song from the ’70s or ’80s that I even like. One notable exception is Coal Chamber’s cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Shock The Monkey.” Peter Gabriel’s song is a great song, but Coal Chamber managed to make a version that, to me, is every bit as good. It helps that they have Ozzy Osbourne singing, too. It’s not better than Peter Gabriel’s original, but I love their version just as much as the original. They took a great song and did something with it that made it different, but just as good.

(By contrast, I love the Genesis song “Land Of Confusion.” I despise the Disturbed cover of the song. I also despise the Disturbed version of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sounds of Silence.”  It may just be that I despise Disturbed.)


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Feb 192018

Though I never made it to a show, as a teenager, I loved looking at the ads for Carl Casper Custom Auto Show every February. Because I’m obsessive-compulsive, I’ve created a web page showcasing the ads for the show from 1970 through 1987, including a few articles about the show, all of which were published in The Courier-Journal. Of particular note: the 1976 show that included Adam West as Batman and The Batmobile. There’s also an article about Adam West’s appearance at the show.

Click on any image to view or download a high-res version. Enjoy, and feel free to share the link!

18 Years of Carl Casper Auto Shows Ads

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Feb 192018

Welcome to my new website. I have woefully neglected my personal website for about fifteen years, in part because of all the other websites I run. I have decided to go the WordPress route with my personal site so I can more easily update it and post items that I want to share (whether or not anyone else reads them).

Stay tuned!

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Feb 132018

41 years ago today, I opened the Sunday edition of The Courier-Journal and saw this ad. These days, tickets for concerts go on sale many months before the show. We had three weeks between this ad appearing and the concert date to mail a check to Lexington and get our tickets back in the mail!

Full story, with a recently-added promo article:

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